#Autism, the teenage years and personal hygiene

In a pleasant turn of events, we have a problem that actually falls into the normal range. Gavin’s going to be 14 this January and thanks to that little thing called puberty, he’s got a mustache.

Gavin’s very proud of his mustache  and I understand that.  However, I also sorta think it needs to be shaved. 

With him starting school this coming week, we have to decide whether or not his new mustache will accompany him to school on Tuesday.

I don’t know how I feel about this.

On one hand, it really isn’t that big of a deal.  On the other hand, I believe his particular mustache is commonly referred to as a porn-stache.

Anyway, Gavin was really excited to put a picture of his mustache on the site. 

What are your rules about shaving? Is there an age that it’s okay to allow the facial hair to grow? Under a certain age, do you require your son to be clean shaven?

There is a part of me that also thinks that this is really a non-issue, especially in light of what’s going on with his health. 


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Personally, I find facial hair to be revolting. But, that’s just me and you know that I’m (admittedly) completely neurotic! At my oldest son’s private school, only Seniors were allowed to have any (neatly trimmed) facial hair. So I would check the dress code at their Academy, and in this case I’d say let him keep it if it makes him happy.

Jen Garibaldi

I would leave it grow. Bigger fish to fry.


dotdash Welcome back.  I hope all is well.  🙂  Oh.. As usual, well said.  🙂


I think you have exactly the right sense:  that it is a small matter and with so much that he *can’t* decide, isn’t it great to have something you can leave up to him?   As teenagers age, they claim their natural right for self-determination, sometimes in ways that are a lot harder for parents to accept than facial hair .  “Let go or be dragged” a friend of mine says.  Great you can let go of this one!


another thing I forgot to say also is, the hairs that my shaver does not get those will drive me nuts because I can fell that they are there and know that they are there so eaither I will have to do several passes with the shaver or twezzers.


For me (and no I don’t have a stasch) I’d rather save my energy for a bigger battle because there will be one. let him keep it and feel proud of it , he’ll be the envy of many a boy and that dont come too often to our guys.


Silachan good advice 🙂


Let him keep it if he wants, it’s a rite of passage for boys so to speak. But (do your best to) teach him how to keep it clean and well kept.


AMDuser I always love your honest insight.  🙂


http://www.iidc.indiana.edu/index.php?pageId=347 Thought this may be of interest to you.


I have to shave because my skin gets itchy enough were I would itch my skin off and I am on the spectrum


NathansVoice http://t.co/J3AivMQjU3


DebbieHawsmanTomor wow.  Marc is growing up.  It’s crazy isn’t it.  🙂 I wish you the best of luck.  Let me know how it goes…  🙂

Pamela Smith Gaskin

My 14 yr old has more of a beard than the mustache. Is mustache is blondish… but it’s totally a non issue for me as long as it isn’t obscenely scraggly. I’m not into the Duck Dynasty look, and I don’t think the Principal would allow it either lol


Marc and I have been talking about this also!! Marc is 15 and doesn’t have a major mustache just yet! I think we are waiting until Marc gives the ok. His sensory issues will probably play a big part. Gavin is getting so big!! Marc is 5’8 and 195!!

Rachele Alessandrini

My dude is deaf, adhd and on the spectrum. He just turned 13 and has a mustache I’m going to wait just because he thinks he is cool and noone in his age range is shaving yet

Roger Bowie

Mine just turned 14. He has watched me shave but we have not broached it yet. He does have a little mustache but at this point not that concerned.

Meri Beller Kelly

I just started shaving my 15 yr olds (he’s severely autistic, non-verbal,has epilepsy and ADHD) I was shocked that he hasn’t given me a problem! I even shaved his uni-brow with one of those little eyebrow razors! He looks so much better!


ShannonAnderson1 @Alicia Cross thanks for the feedback. 🙂

Alicia Cross

Love the eyes, remind me of my nenos eyes


I say let him keep it if it makes him happy….