The medication crisis worsens

I’m so stressed out over this medication thing with Gavin. Dr.  Reynolds called us around dinner time to let us know that even after speaking with a doctor from the insurance, they are still refusing to cover the Clozapine.

He explained that they did agree to cover a 3 day supply, so that he will be okay while they try to work this out. 


Dr.  Reynolds faxed over the new script and I spoke with Walgreens but Buckeye is still refusing to pay. The pharmacist said that he would call and find out what’s going on. 

At this point, I haven’t heard back yet and that has me quite worried.  If I had the $400 I would pay out of pocket for this one and give them a month to figure this out.  As it is, we need to have blood work done again because this has taken so long. 

Dr.  Reynolds is quite angry because we are doing everything we can and yet they are still refusing the override.

I’ll be honest with you, I’m pretty fired up as well.  They are jeopardizing the health and safety of my son and we can’t even get a enough to allow him to safely ween down to a lower dose.

He took his last dose tonight and I will have to scramble in the morning to try and figure this out before we leave for the Cleveland Clinic at 8:30 am… That is a nearly impossible task. Perhaps I can have it figured out by the afternoon.

Please say a prayer that this all works out….. Thank you

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reality_autism The crisis exists for millions


ok it must be said, this mco sounds ridiculous!  the point should not be for them to dictate Gavin’s care; the point should be that they understand medically what is going on and why an unusual dosage is coming through the system.  there is a difference and they are crossing the line.

Debbie Wilson


Clementine Kruczynski

That is insane….I’ve never had buckeye…caresourse is who I went through….I don’t know if or when you could change to a different managed care provider or if that one is even an option up there….

Clydeine Adamchick

This is crazy! Praying