The boys are awesome at school but there’s a hitch

The boys had another good day at school. There are a few things that Lizze and I have to address with the school. It’s more of a clarification than anything else. 

Elliott is upset because he’s been eating lunch alone. He claims that he’s not allowed to eat with the kids that are buying their lunches, simply because he’s packing his. 


Now I know that they separate the kids with food allergies but this sounds different and I need clarification, as ton what’s happening. 

It may be a simple misunderstanding.

Gavin is getting in trouble because he’s falling asleep in the morning.  They use a point system this year for behavioral stuff and he’s losing points for falling asleep. 

We need to make sure that the teacher knows that this is not his fault. 

His falling asleep is medical/medication related and outside of his control. I’m sure once we explain this to his teacher, all will be right with the world. 

As far as Emmett’s concerned, he had “yet another, awesome day”. His words not mine.  🙂

I’m so happy that the boys are doing so well again this year.  They’re still getting into the groove of things but they’re doing awesome and Lizze and I are very proud. 

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Jiminny actually, sometimes he does and other times he insists on packing.  I’m thinking that this is a misunderstanding and I’m hoping that talking to the school will straighten things out.


Would he consider eating the school lunches?
We had a similar problem, coupled with a son who had huge food issues (texture, etc). Once we let him start buying, he began to try new things. Before we knew it, he was having pizza and salad every day. : ) HUGE accomplishment!