It was a pretty crazy morning

Everyone except Emmett, was exceptionally cooperative this morning.  Elliott, was kinda hit and miss but he did a pretty good job. 

Gavin is almost always cooperative, at least lately. 

Lizze seems to be doing pretty well today and so she took the boys to school because I’m feeling a bit under the weather.

This update was rather short, sweet and to the point.  I do however, have a question for you. 

Are your kids cooperative in the morning?


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Rob Gorski

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Rob Gorski

Test 2

Rob Gorski



@Beth Temple fibromamaby3 @Lost and Tired @TomCaffreyBCBA @Dane Hansen @Melanie Prebeg @NikkiSchwartzVB Never a dull moment is there? 😉


NikkiSchwartzVB Some mornings can go off without a hitch and others are chaotic. Have a super day.

Beth Temple

I hate mornings. The kid is wild, doesn’t listen and I sound like a broken record. Today was especially fun because he threw a massive meltdown into the mix!

Melanie Prebeg

Ha ha ha, you’re funny. My youngest was up until after midnight (bedtime is 9) and did not sleep until given one melatonin. So getting up this morning was not on her agenda. She screamed, “no brush hair” during hygiene, then put both hands on her head and messed her hair all up. She had no breakfast and laid on the couch until we left. At least I didn’t have to drag/carry her to the car this morning or go through 3 changes of clothes that met her sensory requirements today.

Lost and Tired

I’ll take that as a no 🙂

Dane Hansen