We had a last minute #IEP meeting today

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We got a phone call from the school this afternoon asking if we could come in a bit early and go over some of Elliott’s IEP stuff.  We basically, had to sign some consent forms and okay a few other things. 

The entire process took about 15 minutes and was as painless as I can imagine being possible.  🙂

I did add something to his IEP though. 

Lizze and I want him tested for any reading dysfunction.  He’s been transposing his letter and numbers on and off for years now.  Lately he’s started writing this game as a mirror image. 

What I understand is that this is still relatively age appropriate but we want to make sure that he’s okay and so they are going to test him. 

I love this school and I’m so grateful that our boys have the opportunity to attend. It’s not perfect but it puts our public school system to shame.


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KillianMIck They asked and we agreed. IEP’s are not a problem at our particular school. I have no problems working with them and they us. 🙂 Anyways, it wasn’t a full meeting.


With respect – what they did is against federal laws. You can NOT have an IEP meeting without the 10 day notice and a written invitation.