What the heck happened to our wraparound team?

If you’ve been wondering lately, where the heck is the Lost and Tired family’s wraparound team, you aren’t alone. 

They failed to call us for our last meeting before Summer vacation. We were supposed to be contacted and we never were. 

We will be back to school for a month now and we still haven’t heard from our case manager/wraparound coordinator. To be completely honest, I don’t know how much it was actually helping anyway. There was a great deal of talk but nothing ever really transpired.

The truth is that it really isn’t anyone’s fault. 

The problem, in my opinion, lies in the complexity of our situation. There isn’t a whole lot they can do that we aren’t doing already. Lizze and I are nothing if not resourceful.


We need need help with things that they aren’t able to really help us will. 

There are safety adaptations that I need to make to the perimeter of our house, in order to allow the boys to spend some time outside in a manner that safer than what we currently have. 

One example is that we need to fence in the entrance to our front porch. This keeps the vicious dogs off of our property, so we don’t have to worry about being attacked.  If you recall, there were several vicious dog attacks this summer.  Almost all of them somehow involved my front porch or my front yard.

My point is, we don’t need to be escorted to our doctors appointments, nor do we require a baby sitter, to make sure things get done.  These are the kinds of things we were looking at with wraparound. 
My personal feelings at this point is that if they don’t reach out to us, we should just let it go. 

On the other hand, in the event that we do find a doctor that will help us with Gavin, we may need them to fund the trip.  It’s quite the little quandary.
We’re grateful for all the time they spent with us but we may have just reached a point where things are in a holding pattern until we figure out what we need to do for Gavin. 

I figure that I should probably touch base with them and just get on the same page. 

One thing I have learn in my 35 years of life, is that you never want to burn bridges.  You never know when you might need to cross it again.

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Mark N Kathleen Visscher

So far all of our wrap around service stuff is just talk.
I need tangible. I know how to parent… We have 7 kids. With various special needs. This is not a typical case.
I wish for restful sleep… Knowing my kids can be safe. And I wish for the ability to have the energy, time and money to do something fun with my family. Meaning…. Real life is a lot of work and cleaning up and fighting to keep our head above water…. Just feeling like we are caught in the rapids and I can’t catch a breath or a break……

Maria Hall

You might be surprised at what they can help with. They might be able to help with a gate in the porch if running is ever a problem. I did not find wrap helpful….they never had money for their best ideas…. but t they were awesome at bringing lots of people and ideas to me that I had not located on my own.

Raynette Jones

definitely keep in touch with them. you are right about the funding. a new person might come to the team with an idea or knows someone and if it was me I would definitely take the babysitter. you have things to do yall could go rest plus they could possibly help you with the heating situation since they are profesionals that cant let gavin go without heat. just throwing that out there at ya. by the way tell them you don't need an escort to the dr but a gas card to get to the meeting or dr.