Signs are freaking out my son with #Autism

Elliott being such an amazing reader is both a blessing and a curse.  This is an example of why it can be a curse.  I’ve share many times how Elliott perseverates on a great many things.

One of his biggest worries revolves around shots or blood work. 

These things totally freak him out.  He’s aware that we are approaching the time of year that we all get our flu shots. His anxiety is quite high over this. 

We live right around the corner from a large Walgreens and they have about a dozen signs, encouraging people to get their flu shot.  These signs basically run the perimeter of the store and are obvious to all who drive by, especially Elliott.

He freaked out this morning because as I drove him to school, we passed about 4 of these signs and reading them reminds him that his is coming up.

Elliott wants me to call Walgreens and ask them to remove all but one of these signs. 

He feels that one sign is enough to let people know that they can get their flu shots inside the store. This really stressed him out and I’ve tried to get him to simply close his eyes when we drive by.  This doesn’t work….

Are your kids this sensitive to things like this?


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Lost and Tired

Silachan Lost and Tired  Sounds like a plan to me. Thanks 😉


Lost and Tired  Silachan I know the feeling. For me usually there’s something inside the process that starts the cycle. Even if its’ just one bad experience, it can be easy to globalize it to every future experience for a while. Could be worth a shot, yeah. Good luck!

Lost and Tired

Silachan it’s the anxiety of the process itself.  He just perseverates.  Anything is worth a shot though.  Thank you.  🙂


Maybe you or someone (therapist?) can help him figure out what’s so worrying about the shots itself. Simply covering up the problem (closing eyes passing the flu shot signs, when the shot is the worry) won’t do much good. It’s the worry about the shot itself, the worry about knowing it’s coming. But find out what makes him so worried about the shot- is it the shot itself? Reaction to it? Maybe something in the environment while getting the shot?