Please send your prayers, Gavin began crashing this morning -

Please send your prayers, Gavin began crashing this morning

Alright, I’ve got a minute to ask again for your thoughts and prayers.  Gavin isn’t doing good at all right now.  We made the trip to Akron Children’s Hospital for his monthly IVIG Infusion.  He seemed to do okay in the car but began crashing on the way up to the 5th floor. 

He dropped to the floor outside of the yellow elevators and once again while inside. 

We made it to the Oncology floor and they immediately took his vitals. His BP crashed and he was very disoriented.  We got him back to his room and into bed, where he is currently resting. 

Moving him is the last thing we want to do right now and so we are keeping a very close eye on him.

At this point, his vitals are stabilizing and he’s fading in and out of sleep.  Please, please, please send your thoughts and prayers his way.  He’s going to really need them today.


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Lost_and_Tired You guys are in my prayers:-(


marimouth thank you. He’s doing better now. 🙂


ren_cook Lost_and_Tired Poor guy..Gavin is in my prayers. :-)(


marimouth Lost_and_Tired dieus BENNISE avec jouv. May God bless him and keep him safe.


min_svart_ros Lost_and_Tired #prayerssent (((hugs)))

Kris Rollins


Mary Franzen Costello


Angelique Thomas

Praying for y’all

Jana Rothmar

Good luck to you all


RippDemUp will do

Debbie Wilson


Jessica Kitney

Thinking of Gavin today! You r a strong boy. Will send lots of prays, love and luck!

Gwen Curriden

praying for you and your family

Leah Douglas

That is horrifying. Sending positive stuff…

Theresa Campbell

Positive thoughts & prayers on their way. 🙂

Jennifer Kelso Johnson

Prayers on the way!

Bev Bell

sending very powerful prayers for Gavin

Amy Linder



Oh my.  Prayers & <3 for all of you.  Hang in there Gavin!

Kristine Lackner-All

Hope and prayers to all of you. Hang in there Gavin!!

Debbie Hawsman Tomor

Sending every prayer to all of you right now!!! If you need anything let me know!!!

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