The first massive meltdown of the school year

According to Gavin, he had a pretty massive meltdown or tantrum at school yesterday.  The juries still out on which it was however, due to this being triggered by frustration,  I’m leaning towards meltdown.

Apparently, Gavin got so frustrated in Math class that he had to leave the classroom and get a drink. 

Once in the hallway, his meltdown was so loud and intense that the principal heard him, from his office on the first floor and got involved in calming him down.  I’m waiting to hear back from the school on what actually happened. 

He disrupted the other classrooms and probably frightened some of the other students as well. 

We spoke with Gavin about this and explained that this was not okay and that we need to find better ways to deal with our frustration. One other thing we instilled in him is that he needs to read directions and ask questions before he gets frustrated.  His teachers all say he doesn’t read directions or ask questions.

Definitely something we need to work on.


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Lost and Tired

rosie d I’m very aware of that.  We have been luck, especially considering his past behavioral issues at school.

rosie d

you are lucky it took this long!  Ours happened the first month!