Our pseudo service dog Bella has been moody this weekend

Bella’s been really needy this weekend and was driving us crazy.  Not sure what was going on with her but she seems to have worked through it.  Today she’s been doing much better today and I feel like we’re moving forward again today. 

Yesterday she was in a mood. She was upset about something and spent the day telling us by peeing everywhere but outside. 

This is what she does when she’s upset about something.  We’ve had her to the vet before when this happend and it was deemed a behavioral issue. She spent a great deal of time yesterday, leaking her behavioral issues all over the house. 

Lizze and I were not happy campers.  Clearly Bella wasn’t either. 

After a good night’s sleep,  everything is back to normal and she’s her happy go lucky self once again.  🙂

Thank God……..


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Pamela Smith Gaskin

She’s so cute… LOL

Raynette Jones

love your dog. we have a 100lb lab. my sick kid says God and his dog have saved him (ongoing). he is the most spoilt thing in the world. just for a laugh, when he wants up on the bed, he makes US beg HIM. i have to take him to the vet today (which will turn into tomorrow) to get his rabies shot and his nails clipped. I have to get a professional to do it as he has long nail beds and i dont want to hurt him. found out saturday that his rabies shot is one month out of date so in order for the groomer to cut his nails, he has to have a rabies shot and in order to have a rabies shot he has to have an exam. We have no money but I am borrowing from my kid to get it done (nails are way guilty long). it is always something but we are all alive so i am good. anyone continue to pray that i get this job i interviewed for on friday please

Lost and Tired

JenniferWhynott We were really lucky because Maggie did most of the training.  Bella is what finally got Emmett to speak and we can never repay her for that.


Oh sweet Bella. My parents raised boxers for years as I was growing up. I do not have any answers for you but those pictures sure are adorable and she loves you SOOOOO much. I miss having a boxer in the house but with 4 youngins’ of my own I just did not have the time to devote to training a boxer puppy. Someday though we will have another boxer in our home.