The closest we ever get to respite

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The boys will be going to Lizze’s parents for the day.  I’m pretty sure they’re excited to be going, as that’s all they’ve talked about this morning.  🙂

Lizze and I will try to get a few things done but also get some rest at the same time.

The only thing that really needs to get done today is a bit of laundry, so the boys have clean uniforms for school tomorrow. 

This is the closest we ever get to respite. 


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Rose Morrissey Barron

Njoy th break,small as it is. My mam used to take kids fr us once evry coupl of mnths, but hasnt taken thm since may.dunno eldest daughtr told me she said she was getn too old but she still takes othr grandkids. Iv 6 kids,5 at home,18,13,7,5&21mnths.Thomas is 5,he has autism.. Mayb th 3 lil ones ar too much fr her..noone else takes them fr a nite, sometimes my 18yo will fr a few hours.

Maria Hall

Why had the wrap process not found a way to provide this for you and lizze yet? That should be the first thing found and offered. Golden key should be able to help and there are some excellent special needs campus like nuhop capable of dealing with the asd kids and their behaviors. As for Gavin I wonder if he would fit into one of the campus at flying horse farms in mt gilead? Docs and nurses in the specialty on site all week.