These morning meltdowns are killing me

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It’s only 8:30 am and it’s already been the morning from hell.  Emmett wouldn’t wear his friggin coat again this morning.  It began with him freaking out over brushing his teeth and carried on through him melting down over having to wear his coat.

Lizze and I both tried to help him through this and finally got him to calm down if I promised to walk him into the school and make sure his coat got hung up.

Of course I was willing to do that.

We got to the school and he was really afraid to walk into the office and hang his coat on the special hook they installed, just for him.

The secretary came over to him and asked if she could take his coat and hang it up.. He politely accepted her offer  and then ran out of the office and downstairs to breakfast. I had to chase him down in order to get my hug and kiss goodbye.

Now all I want to do is go to sleep because this was entirely too exhausting.


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Shari Murphy

Must have been the morning for meltdowns, we had one too.

Wendy Fonseca

Looks like a sweetie pie in the pics