This ducks for you :-) -

This ducks for you :-)

Emmett drew this beautiful picture at school today.  He was super excited to show us and as usual, have us share this with all of you. 


I think this is probably one of my most favorite pieces of Emmett artwork.

The duck was inspired by the video below.  🙂 Good luck getting this some out of your head. 

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i love it!!!!!!!. i know you guys have all kinds of drawings and projects these kids have done. i was a mother that kept everything my kids ever did and i finally (once i got to boxes and boxes of stuff in the basement) it came to me to take pics of everything so i wasnt technically throwing anything away (it would make me guilty. now i am so thankful i have those pics as i still enjoy going thru them from time to time. by the way i couldnt get that homework the other day either.


And, look, there is a butterfly in the corner.  Emmitt, I just talked to someone who told me about sitting on the beach and watching migrating butterflies going south for the winter.  I wonder if there were ducks at that beach?

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