Please keep Gavin in your thoughts and prayers this weekend -

Please keep Gavin in your thoughts and prayers this weekend

Now I’m getting pissed off.  We still haven’t been able to get Gavin’s prescription refilled.  According to Walgreens, it has yet to be called in and they have tried to contact the Cleveland Clinic but haven’t had any luck. 

This means that Gavin will be without his meds for over a week.  These won’t be filled until at least Monday now and that’s not a good thing.

This is really frustrating because with all the health issues he has, there is such a fine and fragile balance between being stable and being in a crisis.  The salt tablets, play an significant role in maintaining cardiovascular stability. 

I’m going to try and call once again and see what I can get figured out. 

Until then, please keep Gavin’s in your thoughts and prayers. 


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Nicola Bacon

Obviously I’m only familiar with our medical system here where we live, but I’ve never heard of anything so crazy! Surely you can just rock up the the nearest hospital and get some emergency medication? I’m sure that isn’t the case as otherwise you would have done it but it just is unbelievable that they would allow this to happen ! Our son is on medication and if it all got destroyed by some crazy occurrence we could get it replaced within hours. Guess we are lucky where we are (channel islands uk).


when you had that bullying post (and I put my confession out their that I am a bully with the medical professional, never kids or regular people) and i talked about what i went thru with drs, pharmasist, surgeons, and every other health professional i can think of, this is what contributes to why you feel overwhelmed and out of control and feel you have no movitvation and have a “dont care” feeling. these are the exact stresses i was talking about. no one would just let me be nice and give me the damn medicine, or call it in or whatever, i ended up having to scream, cuss, yell, and/or cry and then it would happen. that is so unnessisary and hurts caregivers so much. i will continue to pray for your whole family.

Lost and Tired

AutismAdventure that’s something that we’ve done in the past also.  The problem we’ve run into is that they never have these things stocked. They only order them when a script comes in.  That said, I will be calling in the morning so that I can find out if this is possible.  Thanks for reminding me.  🙂


Have you asked the pharmacy to consider giving you just enough for a couple of days.  I ran out of something once and did not realize that it was the last refill.  So, since it was BP meds, they just gave me a couple until they could get the refill in  and give me the rest of the supply.  If he has a history of taking it, they might consider it.

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