How do you know you’re an #Autism Grandmother?

How do you know you’re an #Autism Grandmother?

I met my Mom at the park this afternoon.  We were there to get a few miles on the track.  While we were there, she delivered the boys Halloween goodie bags.

God love her.  She’s really understanding the whole Autism thing, at least in regards to her Grandkids.

The goodie bags she put together were identical.  That means everyone got exactly the same thing and there is absolutely nothing to fight over…..I’m looking at you Emmett John 😉

My kids are really, really sensitive to things like that, especially Emmett.  They like everything to match up and if one of them got something different, it leads to problems.  I’m so grateful that she gets that. It just makes everything at home, so much easier. 

Thanks Mom 🙂


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Annette Romero

Good to know

Cathy Smith

Awww. So cute. And thoughtful too.

Gumma Medlin

we have the patience we didn’t have the first time around. Proud to be a grandmother to 3 grandsons in the autism spectrum

Lost and Tired



Gee, and I do that because it would bug me if they weren’t the same.  You should see me filling Easter Eggs…

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