Elliott’s class project for October is just about done

So Elliott’s class project is due in the morning and all we really have left is to rewrite the answers to the questions on the paper we misplaced.  His teacher sent another copy home today and it shouldn’t be a big deal.

His fictional character of choice is a pokemon trainer and so that what his report is on.

The other part we have left, the more fun part, is the baking of pokemon cupcakes to school in the morning.  These will be shared with his class and I’m sure that it will go over really well. 

My Mom picked him up from school today, took him to Occupational therapy and will spend the afternoon baking with him. 

He’s beyond excited.  🙂


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yeah Grandma!!! I am so glad that you have her. I know she enjoyed that and will be able to share that experience with her friends or church people or whoever. from what i have heard grandparents really like to talk about the grandchildren and i love seeing their faces lit up with pride when they are talking about something great like baking the cupcakes for a school project. I can feel the pride from here!!! You have probably already done this but besides him thanking his grandma (which i am sure he did) but use this as a self esteem booster for him, maybe have the conversation on how proud grandma is to have the “bake the cupcakes experience with me” because of him! How she is so happy to BE ABLE to have that experience all because of him. how without him she wouldnt be able to tell her friends or church people about this. how happy he made grandma.
Explaining what she gets out of being able to be a part of his life and what he is doing and how HE made Grandma’s happiness possible might be a self esteem booster just a thought