Check it out, The Akron Zoo visited Gavin today

Gavin’s IVIG Infusion just began and he got a visit from the Akron Zoo.  They brought 2 animals to share with Gavin. Vinnie the Guinea Pig and Daisy the Armadillo came out to play and let Gavin pet them. 

Vinnie just sorta sat on Gavin’s lap and munched on some greens.  Daisy is a little bit too high strung and so he was just able to pet her. 

This was so cool because we always miss these things and are never there when the really interesting things happen.  Truth be told, Gavin wasn’t all that excited.  He just wanted to play his video game.  He did engage in some awkward conversation and while a bit painful to listen to, he did initiate it by asking them if he could share a bit about himself. 

I thought that was really good and I made sure to compliment Gavin on engaging with the visitors from the Zoo.  🙂


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that is wonderful that he wanted to tell about himself and that there was something interesting to do. I really enjoyed watching the video when you were asking him about school. it was hard to watch because he was wanting to get his point accross and you could tell it was hard for him. if he feels like it let him know that we want to here from him about him too, whatever he wants to talk about (so there is no pressure).that would give you video to be able to go back to and look at maybe as a base line of non pressure talking to the camera when he wants and then if you feel he isnt doing well and he wants to video again with no pressure maybe you can look at it objectively and see if it is as bad as you think. It kills me (and makes me look crazy) when the doctor says  “wow, he looks great”. I then say no he doesnt he looks terrible. Now my son knows I am not saying something mean but medical. The thing is he does look good, with clothes on you don’t see exactly how skinny he is, he is NT so he makes an extra effort not to look like he feels bad out in public because he doesnt want to make people feel bad for him.