Holy Moly, today has already been painful

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This morning has been painful.  This time change has been so disruptive.  The kids were all up early and driving us c-r-a-z-y. Lizze got Emmett ready for school and I drove them.  Everyone was pretty cooperative and that was this mornings saving grace.

The rest of the day is going to be action packed and full of things I don’t really want to be doing. 

We have to get the back office cleaned out and a ton of laundry done.  I have to bury the dead cat in the front yard today because I didn’t want to do anything while the boys were home and likely to ask questions.

It’s safe to say that I’m really tired and want nothing more than climb back into bed but Elliott’s home and there’s simply too much that needs to be done. 

As I said, it’s a painful Monday.


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Lost and Tired

Thanks Becky Rogers Wiren 🙂

Becky Rogers Wiren

God bless you, commented on your blog!

Lost and Tired

Hang in there. 🙂

Rachele Alessandrini

Ours hasn’t started out to great either


Rob, I feel for you. Your life sounds pretty exhausting, and in my family all 4 of us are sick or disabled. I wonder if animal control could take care of the cat. I know where I live the town disposes of the poor dead animals. 
Aside from having 2 sons disabled (one Asperger’s, one fibromyalgia) I have fibro pretty bad. So I cut corners all the time. We keep our house at a “reasonable” level of cleanliness, which means dust gathers and clutter on table tops isn’t so good sometimes. BUT…I have learned with my fibromyalgia, if I don’t get enough sleep then I can’t accomplish anything, period. I work and have to reserve mental and physical resources for that. I guess I’m wondering if you are so fatigued, and needing more rest, if you would do well to try to catch a nap. Seriously. Because if you get the nap you will accomplish TWICE as much in the allotted time. I know that setting aside more time to rest seems contradictory, but it is how I manage to get anything done in my life…plenty of rest. (BTW, with my fibro I take meds to help with sleep. Some of us have to.)
Sometimes stuff waits forever, but then finally gets done. It’s all right because most of these chores will wait until we get to them. I hope your day improves!