I really tried but it's hard not to be overwhelmed -

I really tried but it’s hard not to be overwhelmed

This week brings with it a rather large to do list of things that I need to accomplish.  I have all the usual things like taking the boys to and from school,  therapies and doctor appointments. 

These are spaced out throughout the week. 

I have quite a few follow up phone calls to make in regards to Lizze’s and Gavin’s health issues.  I’ve also got to get Lizze in for a ehlers danlos evaluation ASAP. 

On Wednesday, we have Elliott’s occupational therapy, assuming he’s feeling better and then I’m supposed to have a board meeting for the Autism Society of Greater Akron.  This is a huge honor and one that I take very seriously.

In between all of that, I have work and writing that is absolutely begging for me to give them some attention.

With Elliott being sick still, that sorta ties me to the house. 

I’m going to really try to be positive and not get overwhelmed by everything.


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Rob, sometimes, in the midst of overwhelm, I’ve found it inspiring and hopeful when others remind me to remember my Why.  Why am I doing all these things?  You are making a difference for your kids, your family, and for the autism community at large.  You’re creating a legacy.  Keep on plugging along, my friend 🙂

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