Some insight into a day in the life of a Special Needs Dad

Some insight into a day in the life of a Special Needs Dad

Today’s been really long day for me.  The kids had off of school and Lizze wasn’t doing well. As far as Lizze went, I tried to give her at least 2 hours of sleep at a time throughout the day. 
I would wake her up and get her to at least move around a little bit because I’m worried about her history of blood clots.

While she has tested negative for any type of genetic clotting disorders, that didn’t stop her from having a major blood clot while pregnant with Elliott.  That was really scary and I don’t ever want to repeat that again. 

After she was awake for a little while, she would go back to bed and the process would repeat.  🙂

Gavin’s been a bit strange but we’ll behaved and for that I’m grateful.  Elliott and Emmett have been at each others throats. Thank God the boys are at their grandparents for the night.

With any luck, Emmett will actually stay the entire night and Lizze and I can get some sleep. 


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i hoped the kids were ablet to stay all night for you guys

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