There’s a pattern here but what the heck goes that mean

It occurred to me as I’m trying g to fall asleep tonight that it’s Fall.  While that’s not breaking news to anyone, it does hold some significance. 

Every year, about this time, Gavin sorta swings into a period of time where his behavior becomes very problematic. 

In fact, of the almost dozen times he’s been to the psych unit at Akron Children’s Hospital, almost all have occurred in the Fall. . There’s a pattern there but what the heck does it mean.

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i couldnt comment the other day, but i have said before, i usually have to go see my theapist (life coach lol) in october. when I change jobs it is usually in october. everything seems to get out of control in october. it could be seasonal affected disorder which i probably have but i am on the stupid anti depressent and i dont think i am depressed but take it anyway so i shouldnt have seasonal affected disorder. i dont have an answer but it is a pattern. It looks like a pattern of Gavins behavior so you might just be thinking regular bad things that just are happening right now seem bad because of past bad stuff at this time of year so you are like “oh my God, not again.

Lost and Tired

Thanks 🙂


There is a pattern. Aside from Vitamin D, it could be PANS/PANDAS, possibly. My son with severe PANDAS and the other PANDAS kids I know are all having flare ups this time of year resulting in severe behavioral issues, sometimes to the point of complete crisis. Illness is going around a lot and that triggers autoimmune attacks big time, and if you are low on vitamin D it makes it even worse.. You might want to start him on 5,000 IU or more of vitamin D and some extra type of immune support, like a vitamin C combo, probiotics, enzymes,  or beta glucan, etc.  You can also try a  day or two of Ibuprofen dose every 6-8 hrs) when he is having these bad episodes/regression and see if he starts doing better and pulling out of it. That would give you a huge clue that 1. it is likely PANDAS or autoimmune, 2. something inflammatory is going on in his body and brain. 3. You have a new weapon in your arsenal you can use to prevent him from going into crisis mode. I actually recommended this to a friend who’s kid had autism. She used it as a last resort and it worked!

Kathy Brower

Check vitamin D.


Vit D levels dropping? 
SAD – needs that fancy light to simulate sunlight? 
Or, my flippant response – he needs to hibernate (because I feel that way and bet that Lizze does too.  Let’s sleep the winter cold aches away)