Wow…. That would have been nice to know 6 months ago

We haven’t had too much luck finding a decent psychiatrist for Lizze on the local level.  She has been in a wait list for the Cleveland Clinic be a use her menopause doctor (can’t remember actual name), wants her seen by a specialist, due to menopause being a factor. 

To be honest, I don’t even remember when she was officially declared to be in menopause but it was earlier this year. 

I just got the call a few minutes ago that they can set her up to see a psychiatrist, but not the one she needs to see, because that doctor isn’t taking any new patients.  That would have been nice to know six months ago. 


She has an appointment now but it’s not until the end of January 2014.

I’m thinking that way too far off and if she can’t see the doctor she was supposed to see, than we might be better off finding something closer to home. 

The new psychiatrist would be strictly for medication  purposes, as she already has a psychologist she loves and is comfortable with.  Perhaps we need to look in the Akron area to find someone that will be able to help her

Fingers crossed….

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i am one of those people in need of obamacare and i am not bashing it at all. but it is going to be a nightmare just like what happended with lizzies appointment. i don’t know how I am going to make it if it makes it harder for my son to get medical attention. i paid out of pocket the other day and i have to say the doctor that he has seen (and made a lot of money off of us and i am good with it) for five years, just charged us $80 for the visit and didnt charge for the flu shot. if my son is not able to see this doctor under obamacare we are still going to have to pay out of pocket because what he has is so rare another doctor is not going to be understanding (past experience has shown me this)