How do you know when your speech delayed child with #Autism isn’t feeling well?

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One of the most challenging things we have faced as special needs parents is knowing when Emmett is sick or not feeling well? While Emmett has come a very long way in regards to speech and language, he’s still very delayed. 

He doesn’t necessarily have the expressive language skills to tell us when he’s not feeling good. 

We have to sorta learn to see the signs. 

If you look below at the picture, you’ll see one of those signs. If Emmett ever falls asleep during the day, that’s like a huge neon sign, flashing the words I don’t feel good.


Another sign that Emmett isn’t feeling well is when he’s literally bouncing off-the-wall walls and appears to be slap happy

Up to this point in time, those are the biggest indicators that he’s not feeling well.  To be honest, it’s really hard to know what’s going on with him.  Keep in mind that Emmett’s got good language skills, at least in contrast to where he was, even a year ago.

I can’t imagine how difficult it is with a nonverbal child.  Talk about heartbreaking.

How do you know when your child isn’t feeling well? Can they verbalize it or is the behavioral changes that you notice?

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Raynette Jones

i worry if my kid has throat ulcers he gets on a regular basis. i never know if it is strep or throat ulcers he never has had the regular fever red throat and throwing up that comes with that so i am always wondering if i am doing the right thing by not taking him to the dr


At least he’s wearing a shirt in this picture.

Maria Hall

I knew when he threw up on me or spiked a fever. Otherwise good luck. Sometimes behavior was a clue but not always….

Rosie Calabro

I usually find out because she is not active.

Katy Murray

My little man doesn’t even cry with severe double ear infections, and none of my kids run fever unless they have strep. It breaks my heart when we get to the doctor to only find out he has been sick for a week or more. But he acts normal and he can’t tell us when something is wrong. I am thankful that he barely feels pain.


The first things I notice when my children are getting sick is changes in energy levels (child becomes lethargic) and skin becomes flushed or pale.