Is anyone else feeling overwhelmed today?

Is anyone else feeling overwhelmed today?

I was wondering if anyone else out there is feeling overwhelmed today? Personally, I’m feeling buried alive right now and I don’t know that there is anything I can do about it right now. 

Positive thinking doesn’t really make anything easier or even more manageable for me either. 

I had a really important business call this morning and that went well, which is a good thing.  However, at the same time, I’m looking around my house and feel quite intimidates by the many things that need to get done. 

There is laundry, dishes, bills and a seemingly endless supply of leaves on the yard that need to be collected. 

The leaves are killing me.  I’ve already got them all up, twice now.  Having said that, we have two trees in the yard that hang onto their leaves until December.  Every time I look outside I’m reminded that I’m not even close to being done with these friggin leaves. 

Lizze is sleeping and the house is quite.  Everything in me wants to give into the sleep that has been calling my name since 5am this morning. 

The weight of everything feels pretty crushing and my legs are about to give out. 

Anyone out there know what I’m talking about. 


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Raynette Jones

i wish i could keep track of everything i have to do. I might of said i finally got a new job and it is a good one but in my second week i had to ask off to take my kid to get a non drivers ID so he can get on a plan with his brother. we sat for three hours for five minutes of work and my son still hasnt recovered from those stupid chairs. i also had to ask off early to take him to the airport to meet his brother to get on the plane. great news i made my first sale today and they were not expecting that and then the boss said what ever i need to do for my son to do it. i knew i took the right job

Lost and Tired

rjones22 That absolutely had me cracking up. Not because it’s funny but because I have so often said the same thing myself. Hang in there and I’ll see you in the forums. 🙂


i thought about what i would post but it was so long and depressing i said the heck with it. The answer is yes

Lost and Tired

Thanks everyone. It’s nice to not feel so alone. 🙂

Stephanie Roush Roberts

I am a widow with one typical son and my younger son is autistic with a speech delay. Just keep breathing Rob.

Lisa Higdon

Everyday. But we keep marching forward, don’t we, Rob?

Emily Curran Carlsen

I feel overwhelmed every day! I know the feeling about the leaves!! I have to clean up my neighbor’s leaves every year! They fall all over my driveway every year 🙁



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