We had an amazing victory last night and I almost forgot to share it

This is a total victory.  Emmett and Elliott actually tried something new last night.  That something new was a grapefruit. I’d heard rumors that they’d eaten them at my parents house but I honestly didn’t believe it. 

The boys won’t eat an orange if it’s too sour, so I just couldn’t see them actually eating a grapefruit. 

I was totally surprised to see Elliott and Emmett, inhale two grapefruits each and then split Gavin’s.  Kudos to Gavin for trying but he’s not a fan of grapefruit.  Although, it would have been great to get a picture of his face, it was so funny. 

Something should be mentioned that sour or tart things can provide really good sensory input.  The boys OT uses sour spray and the kids really respond to it. 

Anyway, here’s the proof.  🙂


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It’s great that they boys are trying new things. I absolutely love sour foods and candy. I think it’s the sensory input I get from sour stuff.


sounds like a check mark in the victory column. Great news