Believe it or not, I do have some good news

While the last few days have been very, very frustrating, there has been a few victories.  There is one in particular that is worth mentioning. 

This particular victory will hopefully benefit Gavin. 

On December 2nd, Gavin will return to both speech and occupational therapy.  Both of these have been in hiatus since school let out for the summer.  Part of this was related to behavioral issues while in therapy and the other part was related to Gavin’s health complications.

This is a very positive thing because Gavin needs help with his speech and occupational therapy will give him an outlet and a means to possibly slow down his neuromuscular regression or at least help maintain what he currently has. 

I’m truly hoping that this works out and he can participate in these services without any major problems.  He needs these interventions and I truly hope they will benefit him. 

I actually have to call today and find out if these sessions are every Monday or every other Monday, beginning on December 2nd. 

Either way, I’m excited for Gavin to be returning to these therapies. 

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i am excited for you. Rob I hope you take this for the victory it is that you have not stood in fire for nothing. I know you have been overwelmed (who wouldnt be) but you kept on trudging thru to stay on top of things to get your child the help he needs and deserves. I know you think of failures and that you dont get enough done, but you really do get things done. You know this, but i want you to know that i know this, sometimes we think things arent happening because we didnt do anything or enough etc but some things just take longer for whatever reason the system says it does. and all this time you didnt think you were doing enough you really were!!!

Lost and Tired

I’m so happy for you. 🙂

Bek Weller

We got good news this week too! It’s those moments that help you survive the rest. 🙂