As a #father it warms my heart to see my kids helping each other

Gavin is a really complicated kid.  There are so many pieces and parts to him that it’s almost impossible to ever know for sure, where he’s coming from.  He’s capable of some really unpleasant things that most people will never truly understand until they experience it first hand. 
That being said, he’s also capable of some really amazing things as well. 

This morning was one of those mornings where Emmett was just all over the place.  He melted down several times this morning alone.  It’s was almost impossible to even get him out the door this morning. 

Once we got to the school, Emmett began freaking out about his backpack being too heavy and he started to meltdown once again. 

However, without even being asked, Gavin volunteered to carry Emmett’s backpack for him.  He did this all in his own and without any prompting.

That simple act of kindness, turned Emmett’s day around. 

I was going to walk him in but Gavin took care of it for me.  That was really an amazing thing because normally, we have to ask Gavin to help with something like that. For him to do it all on his own is a pretty big thing. 

I don’t pretend that this means that Gavin’s all better.  There are things broken in him that can’t be fixed (I’m not referring to Autism).
That being said, this does give me hope that maybe Gavin’s future is a little brighter than I sometimes think.  As a father, it’s so nice to see my kids helping each other.  It really was an amazing thing to witness.  🙂

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Cathryn Koch

gavin is adorable, he reminds me a lot of my son david!!!


Great job, Gavin!