Some Awesome News: Why I’m so proud of my son tonight

There’s a great deal of speculation surrounding Gavin’s education, especially in regards to his efforts and actual abilities.

This is actually a really big issue right now and we are trying really hard to help him.  There have been a great many setbacks lately but today we celebrate a victory. 

Gavin got a test back yesterday or today and he did awesome.  This wasn’t Math but instead Language Arts.  Either way, this was a job well done Gavin and we are really proud of you. 

Keep up the good work….


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WONDERFUL GAVIN. keep up the great work


Yay Gavin! (His homework, in both math and language arts, looks a lot harder than mine was at that age.)

I wanted to share my own minor autism victory, relating to social skills: I had dinner last night with my mother, my older brother, his girlfriend and his girlfriend’s son. After the meal was over, while my mom and the girlfriend were washing dishes, I realized one of my mother’s unmentionables was lying on the floor under the table. (No idea how it got there.) I didn’t say “Mom, come over and get your underwear” because I thought she might be embarrassed. Instead I called her away from the sink and gestured that she should look under the table.

A few years ago I would never have thought to do that, I just would have blurted it out. I am proud of myself today.