Great News

It looks like Emmett will be returning to school in the morning.  He’s missed two days this week and while I love to have him home, I can’t get anything done. 

Emmett’s missing school and school is missing him as well. 

I ran into his teacher while picking up Elliott today and they are all clamoring to get Emmett back in the classroom.

I can’t explain how good it feels to know how well liked Emmett is at school, especially after all he went through in the public school system.


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I hope Mr. Emmett is feeling better! I love that the boy’s school openly cares about the well being of their students!! That’s the type of thing the can make a school setting more successful! 

My first year in high school was a disaster and I ended up being pulled out by my parents because the stress was taking it’s toll on me physically. I ended up at a level 4 EBD school even though I technically wasn’t EBD. That’s where I got the reward idea for Gavin. That whole system helped me identify when I was having problems and helped me find ways for me to help myself defuse a situation before I got to the point of melting down.

Hope Emmett feels better and you and your family have better days – Katy xoxo


Awww!! Hope he’s on the mend!

On a side note: This is why I wish my parents had enrolled me in my special needs school a little earlier than what they did. Especially considering the hellish nightmare that was my sophomore year in high school. I’d rather not get into what happened at my “Normal” high school but just know that my experience at my special needs schools have been much better. I’m higher functioning because of it!