You’re not going to believe this….or maybe you will

You’re not going to believe this….or maybe you will

I’ve been having blog issues today and so I haven’t written.  Some pretty cool things have happened today and I’m excited to be able to share them with you all. 

For starters, the boys are spending some time at Lizze’s parents house. 

The rumor is that they will be building gingerbread houses and they’re pretty stoked to be able to do that.  All three of the boys will be spending the night as well. 

I also just got off the phone with my parents. They want to take Lizze and I out to dinner.  This is really cool as well and it will be so nice to have adult conversation.  A person  can only take so much Lego, Mario and My Little Pony talk be for they go nuts.  🙂

The weather is pretty bad here right now and I’m not sure the roads are going to be the best so we’ll have to be extra careful. 

I hope you are all having a great Saturday.  Please don’t forget to enter my Android Tablet Giveaway either.  🙂


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i hope yall were able to go out. at least you are trying. I want to stay inside with the covers over my head lol

Linda Marie

Enjoy the time out.

Stephanie Roush Roberts

Have a great time, you both deserve it!

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