Thank you for the prayers: Here’s what happened this morning

Thank you for the prayers: Here’s what happened this morning

I wanted to let you all know what happened today and why I was asking for prayers this morning.  I won’t go into too many details but I before I finally call it a night, I will share briefly that happened. 

Lizze was up for almost 3 days straight but finally fell asleep last night. 

When she woke up this morning, she was in so much pain that I came close to calling 911. It was bad.  Her Mom had to come over and take the boys to school. 

Elliott started throwing up and so he stayed home from school today.  He spent most of the day vomiting.

Eventually, Lizze began to slowly feel better and she got some sleep.  This is a very simplified explanation for a situation that was really, really bad.  In the heat of the moment however, things were crazy.  The heat of the moment lasted a few hours and it was beyond scary.

Emmett and Gavin are at the Lizze’s parents because this was too much for me to handle.  I’ve spent all day caring for Elliott because he’s absolutely miserable. 

The only way he would stop puking is when I was rubbing his back and so that was purpose in life today. 

Elliott and Lizze are finally sleeping. Gavin and Emmett are safe and sound. 

Now it’s my turn to finally get some sleep.  🙂

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i know the last thing lizzie would want is to have to call 911 so it must be really bad. I wish i had the answer to fix her. i cant fix my kid with chronic pain and it is a bitch to go to the hospital to get a shot or something to help in the moment. if he ever says he has to go to to the hosptial i know its bad. Also, my brother in law just had surgery for his back. he for months has been in so much pain he was ready for “the Lord to take him”. he was serious. when the drs did the surgery it was worse than they thought (of course) and part of his bone that was  floating around “got into his spinal cord” or something like that and they had to get it out. they really think he will be pain free. he is still in the hospital for phisical thereapy because he has been walking for so long in pain, now that they fixed it, he is using different muscles to walk and now his legs are weak. he had the surgery monday and today is saturday and i am going to see him. I hope he is out of pain when this is over.

Alexia Herbowy Conrad

Feel better soon & get some rest.

Michelle Spradley


Joanne Corbett

Wow, what a day. Hope the three of you are getting a good nights sleep.

Helen Helene

Hope everyone is feeling better soon!


I hope that she feels better quickly and is able to get some rest.


Rob, hope the next few days go better. Hope you all get well and can have a loving Christmas.

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