Stand up to #Stigma and make a difference in someone's life -

Stand up to #Stigma and make a difference in someone’s life

It’s sad to me, that people so fear the things they don’t understand  that they stigmatize those with a mental illness. 

As a society, we need to grow up, put on our big person pants and show these people some love. 

To show my support for those people and to help combat these stigmas, I will share once again, that I myself, am one of those people and I battle with depression.  Depression is a mental illness and can be quite debilitating, especially if left unchecked.

It’s not easy but with the help of my doctor, family, writing and proper medication, I’m doing alright. 

I encourage all of you to help combat further stigma and share a little bit about your life. Maybe you don’t have a story to share but that doesn’t mean you can’t stand up for someone that does.

No one should ever have to feel ashamed about a mental illness.  There is far to much judgement or ridicule in this world and far too little understanding and compassion.  Together we can change that…

Will you stand up against stigma?

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Philippa Connell

I have anxiety, and can be a bit over-emotional sometimes. I try to keep a lid on it, as panic attacks at the office are less than desirable, and these days, with the help of medication, I have much more of a handle on it than I did.

Five years ago I was on my way to work and some teenage boys jumped out at me, and while I managed to shout ‘VERY MATURE’ at them, I then proceeded to have a panic attack. I tried to fight it down, but it made me half an hour late to work, and I still wasn’t winning, I was crouching under a bush in the middle of an innercity park, trying to catch my breath and stop crying.

When I finally made it to work, my lovely boss took one look at my face and then had me sit on the floor behind the shop counter while she finished dealing with customers. She then talked about how she had issues with mental health herself. It took me another two hours to feel well enough for her to go on her lunch break (which was, after all, what I was there to cover).

This incident was made me decide to talk to a doctor about treatment, and I did some cognitive behavioural therapy as well as going on the medication. These days I am much more aware of what I’m doing because it’s rational and what I’m doing because I am anxious, although it still doesn’t stop *all* the ridiculous panic attacks (two years ago I had one because my brother made me serve up a casserole. true story)

So yes, that was a long post.

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