Help @Lost_and_Tired by shopping online -

Help @Lost_and_Tired by shopping online

I wanted to let you all know that I have developed affiliate partnerships with the following online retailers. The list will continue to grow as this blog has been accepted into the program. This is a really good way to help support what I’m doing.

Essentially, by clicking on one of the links below, you will arrive at your chosen retailers website. You then do your shopping and a portion of the sale comes back to me.


This will help me to support my family and keep both this site and the My Autism Help Forums online. Please, if you shop these retailers anyway, consider using my links. Nothing will change on your end but you will be doing a great service to my family, this site and everyone that I’m helping.

Affiliate links. Affiliate links are fantastic way to help this site support itself. Basically, you shop all your favorite online retails but do so through my special link. These links are provided by the retailers to track all traffic from my site and provide me with a commission from each sale.

Here is a current list of affiliate retailers:

  1. Best Buy
  2. Walmart
  3. Target
  4. Staples
  6. Macys
  7. JCPenny’s
  8. Toy’s r Us
  9. Barnes & Noble
  10. Amazon

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