My latest victory in the #Autism and #SPD related food challenges

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I know that I’m far from the only Autism parent that struggles with Autism and sensory related food proclivities.  This is when a child refuses to eat something for sensory related reasons and will literally go hungry before eating the sensory offensive food.

This is more of a nightmare for me because at least two of my kids are extremely sensitive to a number of things like texture, smell, color, taste and appearance.  On top of that, we also have one with serious food allergies. 

Elliott is by far the most difficult to feed and This causes me a great deal of distress and a whole lot of extra cooking. 

However, I found a way to sneak Oatmeal into Elliott’s diet without him even knowing. 

I started making pancakes and adding a ton of oatmeal to the batter.  In order to make it so they don’t notice the oatmeal and refuse to eat them, I sprinkled a few chocolate chips on top of the pancakes. 

So far so good. 

I made this twice now and both times, the boys inhaled the pancakes and even went back for seconds and thirds. 

Hopefully, this will work long term but I’m grateful that the boys are eating right now, in this moment in time. This is a battle I so seldom can declare a victory in. 


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Lisa G

love it!! whatever works. I have suspected my child has a heightened sensory issues when it comes to some foods. We are on brink of starting ABA and in the initial meet up I mentioned this, but it was suggested that my child is using that as a way to get out of eating the food. Hey if he’s a picky eater I get it, but I do really believe there are sensory issues for him. Time will tell when ABA starts… I just hope they know if/when they are right or wrong. I guess as a parent you feel like no on knows your child better than you

Raynette Jones

victory it is. Good job!

Val Cross

Smart, smart , smart!

Lost and Tired

Thanks… I also make them a bit on the heavy side to give Gavin extra calories. 🙂