Please #Respect the #Autism parents

Lately there has been a great deal of unrest within the Autism Community. In some cases, this is a result of Autism parents being attacked for advocating for their own children with Autism. 

I’m not going to name names, but I probably don’t have to anyway. 

A great many of us non-Autistics have kids or other loved ones on the Autism Spectrum. Regardless of what some people in the community may think, we have the right, in fact I’d even argue the responsibility, to advocate and support our children and loved ones with Autism. 

I also believe that we should not speak for those who have their own voice. However, while our kids are young it’s our job.

I have personally been the target of attacks by some adult Autistics because of my advocacy for my own kids.  This seems to be becoming a much larger problem as of late.  I’ve seen this a lot more often and the attacks are often verbally brutal and full of anger and hate. 

These attackers are in the minority, as most adults with Autism are quite welcoming to us parents and more than willing to help us by sharing their personal experiences. 

That being said, while they are the minority, they are a very, very vocal minority and I really think that they are doing a huge disservice to the Autism Community as a whole but especially themselves. 

They are creating ill will as well as alienating themselves.

I won’t pretend to understand why they are like this but in my opinion, Autism is not an excuse to act like this. While it’s true that many parents of kids with Autism, aren’t Autistic themselves, they sacrifice everything for their precious little ones on the spectrum. 

We love our kids with Autism and would do anything for them.

Being treated in the manner that we are by this hateful, vocal minority, is really sad. 

I ask that you please afford us the same respect that you expect from the world. Respect the Autism parent because we are among your biggest allies and while we are far from perfect, our job isn’t easy.  We can and will make mistakes but we do the very best we can in a situation that most of us are ill prepared for. 

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Raynette Jones

It is sad and so unneccessary. my kids have taught me so many lessons. you know when you go in the grocery store and the lady at the register isnt nice or she is rude or whatever, it used to get under my until my sick one (who uses humor regarding his healed cancer and his autoimmune diesease, Behcet’s) said in the car when i was undoubtedly still fussing, he said “mama, did you ever think she might have had a baby home that had leukemia and a bone marrow transplant and now of all things a rare autoimmune dieease and that i needed to shake her rudeness off just in case”. I was like oh my God, I am so sorry. that really put it in prespective for me and i use that now out of habit if someone is not nice in some way, that goodness only knows what kind of hell they are going thru and let it the F*** go. (you can probably tell i am not over it) Just thinking about people going thru worse than i have for the past 10 years would bring me to my knees in pain if i let it. They have got to fix my kid. i will go to the site for people that have immuodefiency issues tomorrow with the great news I have. My obamacare came thru, I have my insurance cards, i picked up his meds, no problem. When he gets back in town we are going to the oncologist to get our IVIG (well have a stupid meeting about it first, then take off more work so i can go back for him to get it and then stay with him after and try to keep my job) he has a letter from the rhumatolgist saying to give it to him and what dose. I am so grateful. There as been some success with IVIG with Behcets. he has not been able to tolerate or even have the medicine that helps behcets. great news (except he had to have IVIG before) is that he has had IVIG before just a couple of times and he tolerated it well. I really dont feel as fussy as this posts reads. I am very grateful. we had to wait four months it will be five by time he gets it. if he does well the first time or two (or whatever he says) i am going to get the home health people to come to our home as the insurance will pay for them to give him the ivig. please pray for him as his pain is so unbearable which hurts him and since he is my kid it really hurts me. But I am good though, I am grateful I have my child. Thanks for the space Rob!