My son with #SPD and #Autism is impossible to buy socks for

My son with #SPD and #Autism is impossible to buy socks for

I had to make the dreaded shopping trip for socks today.  What’s the big deal about sock shopping? Simple, Emmett doesn’t wear just any sock. We have to find the perfect pair of socks or he won’t wear them. 

His drawer is full of dozens of pairs of sock that he won’t wear because they don’t feel right. 

I don’t even want to know how much money we’ve lost on socks that he’s never even worn.  Shopping for Emmett’s socks is an absolute nightmare…

Is there something that you hate trying to buy for your child with Autism?


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Elizabeth Simmons

Our guy has TBI and wears braces so we order seamless socks….$10/pair

LaTonya Banks

Yes our son with autism has to pick out his clothes or be shown them.. He doesn’t like them to have a large amnt of yellow so we take him with us and show him ever shirt, pants, etc

Mercedes L Shea

All I know is whoever invented tag less shirts and undies is a genius and must have had a child with sensory issues 🙂

Maria Hall

Happy to shop with Emmett if you shop with my nt kid who is very fussy about his clothes. I have no sense of style etc so picking out things for him….ugh! And he is so tall and skinny finding anything to fit him is difficult.

Holly Lynn Turner

The only kind Hayden will wear is Starter comfort fit

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