BAD NEWS – Lizze has been dealt another blow

Lizze has been dealt another blow this week.  I’ve previously shared how she had to stop hormone replacement therapy (for menopause) because of an allergic reaction to the adhesive.  We’re assuming it’s the adhesive be a useful that’s the most likely cause of the painful welts.

Her doctor immediately told her to stop and order a new prescription for her to try. 

This new script was for a cream that she applied to her wrists or arms, once a day.  Insurance refused to cover this script and said they wanted Lizze to try several different patches first. 

Her doctor fought with the insurance company, explaining that she’s having an allergic reaction to the adhesive.  Still they refused to cover the prescription. 

Last week, Lizze had no choice but to try the new patch.  Her symptoms from menopause are pretty severe and she needed the hormone replacement therapy to ease those symptoms. 

I don’t remember the name of this particular patch but it about 3x the size of the original and is only replaced once a week, instead of every 2nd day.  Unfortunately, within the first 24 hours, she had another reaction to what we assume is the adhesive. 

These patches were over $200 for only 4 of them.

Now they will make her try at least one more type of patch before agreeing to cover the cream.  The truly idiotic part of this is that they are very likely spending more money  y making her try the patches than it would have cost them to cover the cream in the first place.  Talk about needless waste, not to mention putting Lizze through this. 

We have to call her doctor at the Cleveland Clinic in the morning and have them try to get insurance to cover the cream once again. 

Hopefully, she won’t have to try another round of patches.  It would really be nice if she could catch a break.

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Raynette Jones

your wife is the best

Caroline Santer

Lost and Tired have you tried Sandrena; its a gel form of oestrogen, im 9 mths post op TAH BSO, ive been on it now for over a year x

Angela McDonough

I feel for her I have just had to learn to deal with it though i had a histo last feb and forced in full menapause but i cant take hormone replacement at all cause i am a high cancer risk so i just have to ride this shit out


i have been waiting 3 weeks for a preauthorization for my kids meds. i think it is the doctors office that is the problem this time. ugh. i understand about work. it looks like i need to take off work and go down there for nothing. i have to work. it drive me crazy. i am praying for yall.

Kelly Pechacek Osborne

So sorry y’all ha ave it ruff.y’all have been in my prayers daily.praying she gets creme Monday

Lost and Tired

@Kelly QueenBee @Sonja L Andrus EllenBeck @Nicole Logan @Devin Smith @fibromamaby3  thanks everyone.  I’ll keep you all posted as to what transpires in the morning.

Lost and Tired

EllenBeck thanks for the info and we’ll wishes.  That’s definitely something we need to look into.  Hopefully this will be addressed in the morning.    @fibromamaby3

Nicole Logan

I had this same issue with my insurance company and medication. my insurance will only cover generics but one particular medication that is a preferred medication for me does not come in generic. so they want me to go and try the generic medications and fail at it at least twice before they will approve the name brand. the problem with this particular medication ……its birth control…… and what happens when that fails

Kelly QueenBee

Healthcare is getting worse!


I hope she is able to get the cream. For some, symptons can be fairly wicked. Insurance companies are horrid about bending any ‘rules’ in regard to covered drugs.
Has her doctor suggested any natural menopause treatments? I ask this only because thats  the first thing mine did to manage symptoms because hormone replacements themselves have a whole set of problems and side effects. She (Dr) told me to try cohosh vitamin E and soy and besides the menopause weight hain and some mood swings I was good to go. I would check before she tried anything natural since she’s on other meds. Menopause is tough even without other problems .

Lost and Tired

What kills me is that they spend more money avoiding the medication she actually needs.

Lost and Tired

Thanks everyone

Sonja L Andrus

We have similar issues with our insurance all the time. It’s such a pain in the ass. Hang in there guys. When this kind of thing happens to us, I just have to remind myself how good it is to be insured at all, and that I could be going it alone for all of my medical care. Otherwise I’d pull my hair out over their inane rules and ridiculous protocols.

Devin Smith

I’d be pissed! I’m allergic to adhesives too. I’d think saying she’s allergic would automatically qualify her for the cream. I mean, that would only make sense right? Ugh. I hope you get this resolved asap