– SICK TO MY STOMACH – How do you know when to keep your child with #Autism, home from school?

How do you know when to keep your kids home from school?  This seems like a silly question but when you have a child with Autism, it’s not so silly anymore.

We’ve been going through these cycles where either Elliott or Emmett (sometimes both) will have a tummy ache and want to stay home from school. 


Neither one of the E’s are blessed with the ability to really open up and talk about their feelings or tell us if somethings bothering them.  They’re both highly verbal but very internalistic, meaning they lock their feelings inside.  The only way know something is wrong is usually by behavioral changes or the aforementioned tummy ache.

I really hate sending my kids to school when they say they aren’t feeling well because I never really know if not feeling well is an illness or they are upset about something. 

Things happen at school that can trigger this kind of reaction.  Thankfully, we have a good relationship with the school and so we know if anything obvious happened…

Nevertheless, how do you know when to let your child stay home or make them go to school? How do you know when they are really sick or just upset about something they can’t talk about?

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Lost_and_Tired, I can’t tell you in the limited characters I have here. It’s tough

Lost and Tired

rjones22  that’s awesome.. Do you happen to know what they are called? That’s a huge thing because it can help avoid unnecessary doctors visits, which don’t always go well. Plus it gives us more insight into how are kids are feeling,


this is off topic, but i saw today that you can buy an over the counter rapid strep test. this is going to help me so much. my son has mouth and throat ulcers with his Behce’s (autoimmune diesease) and sometimes we dont know if he has throat ulcers or if it is strep. he never has had regular symptoms such as fever and throwing up with strep so it is hard to tell. it drives me insane. again i feel helpless and say go to the dr or not go (we dont go). just wanted to put a check mark in the “good job” category for myself as i figured out how to ease my mind. I will buy the test so i will have it and not have to decide do i or do i not go to the store and get it when he is sick

Angela Cavallo Hager

Usually he throws up or if that hasn’t happened yet he has a look that I know he isn’t feeling well and I’ll ask questions on how specific body parts feel.


AspieWriter Omgosh, its called anxiety. Please get him/them help for this. It’s a terrible feeling & real.

Lost and Tired

So it would seem that I’m not alone…..

Christal Orvis Pewterbaugh

Sadly my oldest has cried wolf too many times to stay home…………..so unless he is throwing up a gut, coughing up a lung, or bleeding to death, he has to go. If he calls from school to have us come get him, which he tries almost daily, all electronics are gone if I have to pick him up. Whether he is legitimately sick or not. Those are the consequences to playing everybody too many times. (me, dad, grandma, grandpa, grammy, teachers and administrators) This is a kid not beyond faking a seizure to go home.

Devin Smith

When he wakes up several times during the night

Carrollynn Henshaw

When he throws up, without it being caused from coughing.