My heart is breaking tonight

Elliott had a really big emotional outburst today after school.  To be completely honest, this was probably the worst I’ve ever seen.  I think he was really overwhelmed today.  When Lizze and I picked the boys up from school, you could see in his eyes that we was about to snap.

The way his teacher just stopped showing up to school and quit, instead of giving these poor kids a chance to adjust, really has upset Elliott, it’s heartbreaking…

He’s just like Lizze in the sense that he doesn’t do well with change. For that matter, all the boys are like this, not that it’s breaking news.


This afternoon he looked like he had been through war.  This is also the first day that he’s been on the full dose of Abilify and I don’t know if that has anything to do with it or not.  It does make him sleepy and maybe that made his day harder.

When we got home, he flipped out because he was asked to change his clothes. It must have been the straw that broke the camels back.

His massive meltdown lasted about 30 minutes and he finally was too tired to continue. He snuggled with me for a little while and felt better. The rest of the day he did really well.

The new teacher started today and spent most of the day in orientation and not with her new students. 

She seems really, really nice and will hopefully be a good fit. 

My heart breaks for Elliott because he just feels like his world is spinning out of control…. We are doing everything we can to help him gain some much needed control over his life.

We’re here for him, no matter what…..

Please feel free to leave words of encouragement…. 🙂

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Oh Elliott, I’m sorry things are so hard for you 🙁 Everything just becomes too much sometimes, doesn’t it? Remember your Mommy and Daddy love you loads and everything WILL get better

Clydeine Adamchick

So sorry Elliott praying things get better soon


Oh I’m sorry…I have the adhd family…I remember my middle daughter wld never hear things correctly, change of any kind was death
All the meds we tried until we found one that fit, the naturopaths for all kids…the naturopath against meds Nazi’s that made me feel like I was nothing but a quitter. But they didn’t see en fits for 3 hrs they wld go into because change happened, or they didn’t hear things mid daughter wld go into these rages…it was horrible. It will get better and now that we have 17..soon to be 15 and 12 I feel like we have climbed a huge hill..these fits are temporary, and you will be judged by folks that don’t get it. Keep going will get better…and then you reach the hideousness of teenagehood…stalk up on wine now;)