My day began at 5am…….again

Emmett was up again this morning around 5am. He climbed into our bed and snuggled for a little while before deciding that it would be a great time for us to work on a new Minecraft world together. 

My eyes feel like I went diving, head first and eyes wide open, into a sandbox. 

To Emmett’s credit, he was completely dressed by 5:30am. By completely dressed  I mean completely dressed and ready to go to school. 

So proud…. Although truthfully, I wouldn’t mind if he picked a slightly later time to get all these things done. 

I used to get up at 5am when I worked shift as a paramedic… Anymore though, I’m dragging myself through the day because I’m so exhausted from everything and waking up at 5am is killing me…..


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Heather Irene LeGendre

I hate 5am mornings, then we try to get excited about the weekend and they move it to four am…..


Hey, at least he wasn’t screaming.