#Autism, #Art and a Rock and Roll Day at School

I thought that I would share some positive news tonight.  Today has been a pretty good day, despite the fact it began at 3am.

The boys did awesome this morning and no one gave us a hard time. 

I got a decent nap after being up half the night with Emmett and Lizze slept almost the entire day. 

When I picked up the boys from school, not only did I find myself greeted with new artwork by Elliott and Emmett but all three of the boys an amazing day. In fact, it was a rock and roll day according to Emmett. 

Anticipating that they would have a good day, I stopped and picked up a special snack for them on the way.

After I got home with the boys, Lizze spent some time with them and then went back to bed. 

The boys played video games for a little while and I tried to clean  for a little bit.  Gavin helped me get the trash out to the curb. 

For the most part, the boys even went down for the night without any serious problems.  Lizze put them to bed while I got some work done.  At the end of the day, not a whole lot was accomplished but I got some rest, Lizze got lots of rest, the boys had a rock and roll day at school and we ended the day with The Walking Dead. 🙂
Here are a few of the pieces of art created today by my amazing boys…..

This is a dragon, created by Elliott in art class. 


I’m not sure what inspired this picture that Emmett drew, but I’m guessing it’s something from Minecraft.


The next two picture were inspired by Pikmin 3 and created by Elliott in his free time at school. 



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