We had a death in the family

Update: Thanks for all the concern but this was more of a distant relative. My parents have been flooded with phone calls today. I just wanted to clarify.

I just wanted to ask for your thoughts and prayers today.  There was a death in the family on my Dad’s side.  The funeral and services are today and tomorrow. 

Please keep everyone in your thoughts and prayers today.



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Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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Janet Meliti

Sorry for the loss.My family did too actually. have friends lose family too reccently.

Lanenalinda Ruiz

I’m so sorry for your loss hope GOD gives you the strength to heal . Day by day is what it takes let’s hold on to his promise little by little things always get better. He never gives us what we can’t handle, I truly believe that !!!

Sarah Doreen

So sorry for your loss Rob. Thoughts and prayers with you all. Xx

Shalome Bossiquit Pettie

So sorry for your loss. Positive thoughts and prayers for you and your family.

Jude Leobold

Your family is in my heart every day…my special prayers at this time are with you all

Lisa Higdon

Peace be with you all.

Kimberly Ma'maw Smith-Leonard Schmalenberger

VERY sorry for your loss!!!

Michelle Petzold

You & your family are in my thoughts..

Persephone Rising

I am terribly sorry for your loss. I just said a another prayer for y’all. I wish I could help, but I am in Texas. I know the routine difference for the kiddos and Ms. Lizzie’s fm makes the grief that much harder. But I am sending y’all a virtual 《hugs》.