The stress is unimaginable

The stress is unimaginable

I’m not gonna lie. I’m in edge right now because Gavin’s infusion was supposed to have been started and finished by now.  Unfortunately, we still don’t even have the meds yet or any indication as to when they are going to arrive today.

There’s a side of me that’s really irrational at this point.  That side is saying, the meds were supposed to be here yesterday and they weren’t. Now they’re supposed to be here today.  What’s to say that the same thing isn’t going to happen again?


In the grand scheme of things, is it really going to matter if his IVIG infusion is later today? Probably not…..

That said, when you have a child with fragile health, these types of situations feel unacceptable.  I mean, I understand that things happen and deliveries can be late.  As a parent, I worry about everything and with good reason. 

Being able to give Gavin his infusions on time and with minimal complication, helps me to feel more in control of a situation that feels very much outside of my control.

Until this delivery arrives and Gavin gets his treatment, I’m not going to be able to rest or even relax….

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Avia Batya



i really feel for you on this. I know your situation is unique with the at home infusion, but as you know first hand just trying to get a script called in is most of the time a bad experience. Having to  call  the drs  office only once is rare.i have bitched here before (thank you) that imy son had a script having to have a preauthorization and it takes a month for the drs office to get it done, then it gets denied and the drs office call and say its denied and she says finally when i did get the office on the phone she said to wait for the letter she is mailing me to do anything. Of course we cant wait for the letter,we couldnt wait three weeks for the denial and then i have to call bcbs of alabama and talk to the lady, she investigate and less than 48 hrs it was approved. I applaud bcbs insurance on moving fast on this one but the problem was the stress and anxiety and the time to take care of this, the gas to drive TWICE to the office etc. and this went on for a month. Oh and by the way let me go sell something to someone because it is my job. LOL 

Rob, I know you want to do these infusions yourself so you can be with him, bond etc., but get the home health care involved since it is covered and let them worry about all the details and YOU just enjoy being with your son. My two cents. I appreicate your blog.


I hope that his meds arrived so that he can get his treatment on schedule. Did you find out why they were delayed?

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