How do you feel about Marijuana being used to treat kids with #Autism?

Medical Marijuana Bill, Pediatric Autism Deadlocked in Legislature (via Virginia Highland-Druid Hills Patch)

Medical marijuana in oil or pill form would be allowed for some ailments such as glaucoma, seizures and cancer under a bill approved by the Georgia Senate. Georgia’s Senate and House members have until midnight tonight to reach a compromise, or bills…

Rob Gorski

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I think marijuana, especially CBD oil, should be a treatment option that’s available to all autistic individuals. I have heard nothing but positive stories on how it helps neurological and autistic symptoms, such as agitation, OCD and rages. Having researched medications, supplements, herbals, homeopathy and many other things for autism, I have never heard of something reducing brain inflammation, autoimmunity and autism symptoms so effectively, within a half hour to one hour. It is probably the best immune modulator out there, and my autistic son uses an immune modulating medicine right now, and I know now it cannot possibly match what cannabis is capable of.