Gavin’s IVIG Infusion is about to change significantly

Today will be the last time that Gavin will receive his IVIG Infusion once a week.  After today’s infusion, we will be splitting it up and doing it twice a week instead. 


Because there is concern over the whole Gavin collapsing thing at school, his Immunologist wants to split this process up and infuse the Gammagard over 2 days instead of one. 

The main reason is that Gavin wasn’t collapsing at school until we switched to the new IVIG delivery method and said goodbye to the once a month IVIG intravenous infusions. 

Despite the debate over the validity of Gavin’s claims that he’s collapsed while at school, we don’t want to take any chances. 

I want to take video of the process today, so I can document what his body goes through. 

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Lorena Polinesi

Sending cybergoodvibres !!! Hope goes everything all right ! Hugs four you and family !!