How did Gavin’s IVIG Infusion go today?

I wanted to let everyone know that Gavin’s IVIG Infusion went really well today.  There were no problems and I think that dividing this up over two days is going to be a good thing for his body.

The downside is that he’s going to miss more school but let’s be honest, schools not doing much for him right now anyway..

I’m grateful that the infusion went as well as it did.  That’s going to be my focused on victory for today…..


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Lorena Polinesi



so glad it went well. we go again for my sons ivig in two weeks. the first time he had it at the drs office he did so great. it took all day because they did it slow but he did not have any reactions. he did end of being put in the hospital that same afternoon because his mouth ulcers became infected. he just got out last night after two weeks. they had to give him the vancomicin by iv for 10 days. he was miserable of course wihile there cause his veins kept being blown. pain meds didnt come before the food. he had good nurses and bad nurses. right now he is still sleeping but he looks really really comfortable so of course i am letting him sleep. i hope the ivig, the antibiotics, the bags of nutrition and saline help him recover. they did a mri of his back (cause he has back issues) and it looked great. i am so glad. we need to start occupation and or physical therapy but i didnt want to start that without making sure there was not something structural wrong with his back.