That’s it, I’m building an outhouse

The toilet is clogged beyond my ability to plunge it once again.  I’m so tired of Gavin clogging the toilet that I’m gonna just build the kid a fricking outhouse. 

I know it’s him because it’s always him.  It’s clogged before I even wake up in the morning and it’s clogged so badly, that I can’t plunge it. 


Typically it takes most of the day to fix this and hours of plunging and then taking a break,  plunging and then taking a break… I actually get blisters on the palms of my hand from trying to fix this. 

We recently had the drains snaked and any roots distroyed. 
The problem is very simple but I’ll spare you the details…

I told you that today was not going to go very well.  We only have one bathroom and until we get this fixed, we have  one bathroom……..

I just want to scream and run away……

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i understand wanting to scream and run away. unfortunately if i ran away the thoughts of what to do to fix the situation would still be with me. have you thought about putting a cheap alarm on the bathroom so you would at least know when someone is in there?

Beth Temple

I spend more time cleaning my bathroom floor/walls/toilet than anything else.

Avia Batya