Check out some cool Gavin stuff

I wanted to share some cool things that Gavin did today.  One is a drawing and the other is a Lego creation..

Gavin’s had a rough week and I’ve been really, really frustrated with him. 

That being said, Gavin is way more than the sum of his parts.  While it’s very important to address the problems and with any luck, learn from them, it’s also important to focus on the positives as well…

Gavin’s not been really creative lately, at least in the sense that he’s building or drawing.  It’s likely a result of his current psychotic break.

I was really excited to have him approach me today with these creations.


This is inspired by the Energy Sword from Halo but with some Gavin created extras.


This is related to Spiderman.  To be honest, I didn’t understand what he was say though…

Very cool work Gavin.  Please keep it up, we all love to see the amazing things your mind comes up with..  🙂

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Stephanie Roush Roberts

Thanks for sharing!

Jude Leobold

Very COOL. Gavin seems to enjoy sharing with us too. Thank you!


Great job Buddy!


The first pick I know right away what it was, I still have Halo for my old xbox and that weapon is crazy overpowered for the game lol