This #Autism Dad was FREAKING OUT

So Elliott had birthday party to go to this afternoon. It’s for his best friend and it’s at the bowling alley. 

He’s been so incredibly excited about this party.

Maybe I’m overprotective but Elliott’s only 8 years old and dropping him off with people I don’t know, at a place he’s never been to, makes very really uncomfortable…

If I’m going to be totally honest with you, I’d have to tell you that it terrifies me to think about leaving him there. 

I figured because he’s so anxious all the time that he would want me to stay. I figured if I asked him what he wanted me to do, he would say please stay Dad.   Boy was I wrong….

When I asked him, he told me to go… 


I was so not ready for that…..but at the same time I was really proud of him because that’s a really big step.  It’s just one that I’m not ready for….

Shocked and proud, I talked to his friends parents and they said that was fine. 

I said that I would run to the store and be back in about an hour… This way I didn’t have a heart attack and he got to spread his wings a little bit. 

In prepping for him to possibly stay there without me, I ran to T-Mobile and traded in my LG G Flex for a much smaller Google Nexus 5. This is how freaked out I am over this.  The Flex is a 6″ phone and it’s too big to fit in Elliott’s pocket.  The Nexus 5 fit perfectly.

I gave it to him and showed him how to call me.

He asked if he can call me and check in.  I was thinking you’re Goddamn right you can call me to check in. However, I tried to play it cool and just said, sure. 🙂

After I left him there he called me to let me know he was having a blast. Then he called me a few more time while I was at the store. 

I was only for about an hour but it felt like an eternity..

Bumper Bowling:

When I did get back, Elliott was having so much fun but was super excited to see me….

While I was totally freaking out, it was a really positive and empowering experience for both Elliott and myself.  

I’m really glad that he had a great time. 🙂

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Stephanie Roush Roberts


Lorena Polinesi


Ladonna Johnson

my son once called me 12 times in an hour. It was so scary leaving him.

Philippa Connell

That’s great that he took a step towards independence! Go you for giving him that choice 🙂

Lost and Tired

Thank you kindly.. 🙂


Yay for you both!  Elliott looks like he had a GREAT time and you didn’t freak out too much(only internally)  Great job Dad what a highly successful bit of day!! Score  you guys =1!! Bad parts of day=0

Lost and Tired

I totally appreciate that. Thank you…. 🙂