I'm not going to freak out.. I'm not going to freak out -

I’m not going to freak out.. I’m not going to freak out

This is already not going to be a good day. We woke up to Gavin having killed the toilet once again. I don’t even know what to say anymore.

I’m so frustrated with him and he just doesn’t seem to care.

In fact, I made the mistake of asking him if he was even sorry that no one can use the bathroom.. He said noand went on with his business.

It’s Easter and I’m really going to try and not dwell on this. Instead I’m gonna try and focus on having a better day and enjoy the time with my family.


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Avia Batya


Sarah Champion



Is poop the problem or toilet paper? If it is the paper, take it away! Dole it out sheet by sheet”

Christy Garrett

I agree, only leave a small amount of toilet paper for him to use.

Lost and Tired

That’s not a bad idea. We’re gonna get him to the Gastro to make sure he’s okay as well….


i am so sorry this happend to you again!!  The good thing is that now it seems appropriate that I post this here. It really takes a lot for me to find something funny (for real i busted out laughing). It is not inappropriate either which usually has to be included just for me to crack a smile. now when i watched it the first time i didnt laugh (dont know why) but the more i watched the more I laughed out loud. me, i, bitchy one, me with the “oh my life is so hard posts all the time” laughed out loud. as soon as i post this i am going to watch it again. keep in mind that i am technology challenged but surely i cant post a link. about being technology challenged you have to hear it and the sound thing is in the upper left corner i was looking everywhere. enjoy. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/04/18/llama-dmx-vine_n_5169626.html?utm_hp_ref=mostpopular  also, the song that is playing along with it fits us as well. just keep watching as it keeps getting funnier (to me anyway)

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